blue steeple, lakeport,ca.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but there is no ghost in the Steeple. I was the owner of the Steeple for several years before the present owner. I had my insurance office up stairs and actually had our bedroom in the top floor for a while. I believe that there are 52 steps from the top floor(using the circular stairs from the top floor to the 3rd floor) There to the bottom floor. That is the reason we moved our bedroom down to the lower floor. The fact that the upper levels do not have any bathroom was also a good reason to move. There is one full bath and 2 half baths. I know that this looks like a good place for ghosts but the time that we lived in the steeple was one of our nicest times in our lives.close to library park and you could be on main street in 1 minute. 

Hope this sheds some light on the subject.

Note from Mikayla:

That’s great insight into the steeple, thanks. But to be honest, it doesn’t discount that it is or isn’t haunted. Some people are more sensitive to the paranormal than others, and some people are not. Which means that one person could live in a place and have a bad experience, and someone else could and not have any at all. The reason I wrote the story on the steeple was actually because my Grandmother lived in Lakeport almost her whole life and had heard stories about it. My father grew up in Lakeport and also had stories and experiences about the steeple. It also could be that the ghost has since been put to rest. All I know is what I have heard and what I have been able to dig up through rigorous research. :) Thank you for adding more depth to the subject, though.

veinsrunempty said: I appreciate the level of effort you obviously put into your posts.

Thank you. :) I try not to publish a post without researching a lot first so that the information is accurate. It’s nice to hear that people appreciate it. *hugs*

shmoo92 said: I just saw a reblog of your Qallupilluit post, and I was immediately dragged back to... Brownies, I think. I was 8, and we were sleeping over at a place. Bedtime story: a girl warned not to go to far out on the ice or these guys would get her (they chased her back to camp). 5 of us were scared silly; I'm proud to say I didn't cry, tho I spent the night pressed up against one of our Owls, shaking like a leaf. All night. It was the honest-to-Betsy most terrifying night of my life. Thx for that.

You are very welcome.

That one time I almost summoned my dead grandpas spirit

I remember that it was on a christmas eve and my grandfather just passed away a few months ago. My family was staying over grandmas house. And my cousin, little sister and I were chilling out in the living room, bored out of our minds while the adults were in the garden.

I was doodling on a scrap of paper and my little sister, the genius that she is, decided that it would be fun to find out if there were any spirits roaming our grandmas house. She and our cousin set up a “ritual” and started fooling around while I watched them thinking about how dumb they are.

After a few minutes I told them to scoot over and to get me a prayer bead, a bowl of water and some candles. I remembered that my mum hired a lady who did an exorcism in our house in the Philippines and I vaguely remembered how she performed the ritual to find out that there was a spirit of a child in our house that apparently died in our garden.

I’m not going to explain how I set it up, because I don’t want people to repeat this. I’m unsure if what I almost summoned was my grandfather or not, but I’m hoping that it’s grandpa.

Once I had the materials and the candles were lit, I had my cousin and sister repeat a prayer with me and after a minute or two I asked if there was a spirit in the house. I dripped the candle wax unto the water and we watched with bated breath to see what image it would form.

I thought it was starting to form a head and my cousin who looked up and glanced behind me, pointed out that it looked like the portrait of our grandfather.

I was utterly creeped out, because it was true. Afterwards, I made them both swear to never even mention this to anyone. Specially our grandmother.

I don’t remember how we cleaned up, which is weird. But I do remember that before we blew the candles we said goodbye and that the spirit was free to go to heaven.

Okay guys I’m really sorry!

I try to reblog all non-paranormal related things on my sideblog, and keep this clean and just paranormal, but unfortunately since this is my main blog I slip up sometimes and reblog random things to the wrong blog. So if you get something random, and not supernatural or paranormal at all, then I’m sorry. I delete them as soon as I notice. :C

Okay so when I was 6, I had a cat named Bob. One night, I was sleeping when I woke up suddenly to see my cat crawl down from the corner of my ceiling, down the wall and onto my bed, where it curled up next to me. I petted it until it was purring and then went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, my parents told me that my cat had been hit by a car the previous afternoon, and had died in the vet’s office that night. So it was the ghost of my cat visiting me, to say goodbye.

-Note from Mika- That is a very sweet story. I’m glad you had that one last moment with him. Animals are known to sometimes appear in front of someone special to them after death, even up to years later. You must have had a very special relationship and I am very sorry for your loss.



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Thank you very much! :)

Moving Egyptian Artifact In Manchester


Big news for the paranormal world! In the Manchester Museum in England, an Egyptian statue has started to rotate in a perfect circle seemingly on its own.

A little bit of history on the museum itself first. I do love backstories. First off, may I say, HOLY ARCHITECTURE, BATMAN. The building itself is gorgeous. The museum was established in 1867 and it is part of the University of Manchester. Look at that neo-gothic… ness. Do you see that? Why can’t buildings NOW strike fear and awe into all that pass? Anyways, back to the point. The museum itself serves around 360,000 visitors a year, and doubles as an attraction and an educational institution. It provides students, teachers, and tourists with access to 4.5 million artifacts from around the world. Pretty neat place.


Now let’s talk about what has been out of the ordinary. The Egyptology collection is just one of 11 major collections that the museum houses. It houses many artifacts extracted from tombs and other holy sights. As many of you probably know, Egyptian religious practices could be quite morbid. If the process of mummification isn’t brutal enough, they jar up the organs and  put them in with the mummy. I mean, the Egyptians are known for using a heated brain hook to scramble the brains and pull them out through the nose. It wouldn’t be shocking for some of the relics to hold onto negative energy, or spiritual energy.

The moving artifact in question is a 10-inch tall statue. It was found in a tomb of a mummy, a likeness of Neb-Senu, and was an offering to a god. The god of the Underworld, Osiris, that is. The statue itself dates back to 1800 BC. These past few weeks, the activity of the statue has confounded curators and and Egyptologists alike. It has been moving by itself, rotating in a circle. At first it was just weird, who moved the statue? Only one person had the key to the closed exhibit, held in a glass case. But then, it just moved. Again. And again. It has been rotating 180 degrees until it faces AWAY from foot traffic during the day. Finally they set up a time lapse to capture the movement.

There is one main theory as to why this happens. People have noticed that the statue only seems to move when people are around. Therefore it is believed that the vibrations of footfalls causes the statue to move in minute increments during the day. There are a few main problems with this theory.

1. The case is fixed to the wall, not the floor.

2. The other statues in the case do not move.

3. The statue has been there for 80 years and has only started to move weeks ago.

4. The case, nor the surface it is on, has never changed.

5. The statue does not shift positions at all. It only rotates.

There are a few theories as to the paranormal activity behind the statue as well. The first of which have to do with the Egyptian belief that if the body is damaged, the soul can live on in a statue of its likeness after death. Another theory is the Curse of the Pharaoh. Many Egyptologists in the 1920’s were believed to be cursed because they removed things from tombs in the Valley of the Kings. It was a curse aimed towards tomb robbers. A Pharaoh from beyond the dead will curse a tomb robber for removing artifacts and relics from their tomb.

So what is it? Is there a logical explanation for this, although one seems to be allusive? Is it the soul of Neb-Senu? Or is it a curse? One thing is certain, it has the museum curators scratching their heads in disbelief, Egyptologists stunned, and the general population scared out of their wits.

It also has paranormal fans squeeing with delight. Who wants to see this statue now? I know I’ll be first in line.

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